Energy Efficient Wideband Transmitter, NXP Partnership ‘Advanced 5G Solutions’ (gENESIs)

Themes: XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication

This project providing enhanced average efficiency in wideband wireless transmitters while withstanding the changing load conditions that can occur in handheld devices and MIMO/smart-antenna communication systems.
Wireless data traffic is growing exponentially and is driving mobile networks and their devices from 4G to 5G services. To serve this development in a cost-effective and ecologically responsible manner, this project aims for the development of novel energy-efficient transmitter solutions suitable for 5G mm-wave operation. Scientific challenges are found in identifying; design and system concepts that are truly energy-efficient, modular, data-rate scalable, frequency agile, integration friendly and cost-effective.

Project data

Researchers: Masoud Pashaeifar, Morteza Alavi, Leo de Vreede, Earl McCune
Starting date: June 2018
Closing date: June 2022
Sponsor: NWO-NXP
Partners: NXP
Users: NXP
Contact: Morteza Alavi