MSc thesis project proposal

Capacitively-Coupled Instrumentation Amplifier

The broad availability of wireless internet connectivity has created a surging demand for sensors. Recent developments such as the 5G cellular standards, automotive driver assistance systems and the Internet of Things have only accelerated this growth.

The demand for sensors has created a need for high-precision, low-power amplifiers that can faithfully boost the often-tiny sensor signals and prepare them for subsequent analog-to-digital conversion.

This project involves the implementation of a precision amplifier based on a new capacitively-coupled input stage. The thesis work will be done in collaboration with Delft Semiconductor1, who will also provide a monthly allowance to cover expenses.

1Delft Semiconductor is a Dutch start-up company lead by analog experts from some of the world’s foremost analog IC companies. It has developed new techniques that will greatly improve precision and lower power consumption of sensor interfacing circuits (so-called instrumentation amplifiers) by using capacitive coupling of the input signals.


prof.dr. Kofi Makinwa

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2024-02-07