MSc thesis project proposal

Low-power tree encoders for high-resolution ADCs

A key technique used in high-resolution Sigma-delta ADCs is dynamic element matching. This scrambles the mismatch errors of their DAC elements in such a way that they are shifted out of the band of interest. Compared to the commonly used DWA algorithm, tree encoders can achieve much better performance. The goal of this project is to realize a low-power tree encoder that will replace the DWA logic currently used in a high-resolution (110dB) sigma-delta ADC with a 4-bit DAC.

[1] Ian Galton, "Spectral shaping of circuit errors in digital-to-analog converters," TCAS II, 44 (10) 1997.


prof.dr. Kofi Makinwa

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2024-02-07