MSc thesis project proposal

High Resolution High Efficiency Hybrid ADCs (NXP)

  • Recently, we have shown that high-resolution audio ADCs can be realized by combining the low power of SAR ADCs with the high-resolution of Sigma-delta ADCs [1]. Based on new insights, the aim of this project is to design and implement an improved ADC in a 160nm CMOS process.

    [1] B. Gönen, S. Karmakar, R. van Veldhoven, K. A. A. Makinwa, “A Low Power Continuous-Time Zoom ADC for Audio Applications,” Symp. VLSI Circuits Digest, June 2019.
  • Financial support is available


prof.dr. Kofi Makinwa

Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2020-01-20