Microelectronics colloquium

Regenerative Bioelectronic Technologies - #ReBooT

Achilleas Savva

Regenerative Bioelectronic Technologies - #ReBooT

'Regenerative Bioelectronics' merges insights from two distinct research domains: stem cell-based regenerative medicine and bioelectronic engineering. The great therapeutic potential of stem cells to give solutions to untreated neurological disorders, has recently been verified by clinical trials in humans. In parallel, groundbreaking advancements in electronic technology have enabled unprecedented interfaces between biology and electronics. In particular, new opportunities arise with the advent of electrically conducting polymers. These electronic materials are soft, highly biocompatible, and enable the creation of organic bioelectronic devices that integrate seamlessly with human body to record or stimulate biological activity. This lecture will highlight our ongoing research efforts on regenerative bioelectronics, and outline our plan on how we aim to control the fate of stem cells, electrically and optically, for treating incurable neurological diseases.

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