prof.dr. A.G. Webb

Parttime Professor
Circuits and Systems (CAS), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: High field MRI and its clinical applications, Electromagnetism


Prof. Andrew Webb is a Professor in MRI Physics at LUMC, Leiden University, and part-time affiliated with TU Delft.

He received his Bachelors degree from the University of Bristol in 1986 and his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1989. He has held positions as Full Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA), the Department of Physics at the University of Wurzburg (Germany), and the Department of Bioengineering and Huck Institute for Life Sciences, Penn State University (USA). Since 2009 he has been Professor of MRI Physics at the LUMC.

He is an author of more than 260 scientific papers, five patents and two instructional textbooks on medical imaging. He serves on the Editorial Board of several journals involved with magnetic resonance imaging. He is a senior member of the IEEE and in 2004 he was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering,. In 2000 he was awarded a Wolfgang Paul Preis of the Alexander von Humboldt Stichung, the richest research award in Germany. He is also co-founder of Magnetic Resonance Microsensors in the USA, a global provider of integrated flow/nuclear magnetic resonance equipment for mass-limited samples.

Last updated: 4 Oct 2018