ir. D. Zhao

PhD student
Bioelectronics (BE), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: Wireless Communication, Software Defined Radio, Subsampling Receiver, High Speed ADC, TDC Based ADC, All Digital PLL, Low Power CMOS Design

Themes: Health and Wellbeing, XG - Next Generation Sensing and Communication


Duan Zhao received the B.Sc. degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and the M.Sc. degree (cum laude) from Delft University of Technolog, Delft, The Netherlands, both in electrical engineering, in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Since then he worked as a Ph.D. in the Section Bioelectronics at Delft University of Technology, in collaboration with the Holst Center/imec, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. His research interests include low power circuit and system designs for radio communications and digitally assisted circuit designs.


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  11. Thermal and mechanical effects of voids within flip chip soldering in LED packages
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  12. Flow-Through Cell Electroporation Microchip Integrating Dielectrophoretic Viable Cell Sorting
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  21. High-Performance mm-Wave and Wideband Large-Signal Amplifiers
    Y. Zhao;
    PhD thesis, Delft University of Technology,, 10 2013. Promotor: J.R. Long.

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  24. A Wideband, Dual-Path, Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier With 20 dBm Output Power and PAE Above 15% in 130 nm SiGe-BiCMOS
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  25. Subsampling based Software Defined Radio with Jitter Compensation
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  27. Reconfigurable subsampling receiver architecture for wireless body area networks
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  28. Compact mm-wave power combiners in 65nm CMOS-SOI
    Y. Zhao; J. R. Long; M. Spirito;
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  29. A 60GHz-band 20dBm power amplifier with 20% peak PAE
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  30. Circuit technologies for mm-wave wireless systems on silicon
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  31. A +18dBm, 79 #x2013;87.5GHz bandwidth power amplifier in 0.13 #x00B5;m SiGe-BiCMOS
    Y. Zhao; J. R. Long; M. Spirito; A. B. Akhnoukh;
    In 2011 IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting,
    pp. 17-20, Oct 2011.

  32. A 3-channel true-time delay transmitter for 60GHz radar-beamforming applications
    H. Veenstra; M. Notten; D. Zhao; J. R. Long;
    In 2011 Proceedings of the ESSCIRC (ESSCIRC),
    pp. 143-146, Sept 2011.

  33. Compact transformer power combiners for millimeter-wave wireless applications
    Y. Zhao; J. R. Long; M. Spirito;
    In 2010 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium,
    pp. 223-226, May 2010.

  34. Millimeter-wave passive components on silicon for wireless communication applications
    Y. Zhao; Y. Jin; M. Spirito; J. R. Long;
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  35. Cold Welding: A New Factor Governing the Robustness of Adhesively Bonded Flip-Chip Interconnects
    D. Farley; T. Kahnert; K. Sinha; S. Solares; A. Dasgupta; J.F.J. Caers; X.J. Zhao;
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  36. A Time-Interleaved Sampling Delay Circuit for IR UWB Receivers
    Duan Zhao; Wouter A. Serdijn;
    In Proc. International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS),
    Taipei, Taiwan, IEEE, May 24-27 2009.

  37. Space-time frequency-shift keying
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  38. Orthogonal design of unitary constellations for uncoded and trellis-coded noncoherent space-time systems
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