Sensors and Interfaces Meeting (SIM)

Sensors and Interfaces Meeting (SIM) is a two-day event featuring 12 outstanding invited speakers from both academia and industry. The theme focus of the 1st day will be “Sensor interfaces for the Internet of Things,” while that of the 2nd day will be “High Performance Sensor Interfaces”. On each of the two days there will be six 40-minute talks followed by 10 minute Q&A sessions will be held.

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Overview of Conferences


Dr. Taekwang Jang

Circuits Crossing the Border

Circuit designers are entering an exciting era in which circuit innovations will be the key enablers of future innovation. Emerging trends such as Machine Learning, the Internet-of-Everything, Brain-Machine Interfaces, Autonomous Driving, 6G Communication and Quantum Computing will drive the design of novel circuits with drastically improved accuracy, speed, and energy efficiency.

MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Leonardo di Paola

Wafer-scale fabrication of transfer-free graphene-based condenser microphones

PhD Thesis Defence

Krishnaprasad Nambur Ramamohan

Direction of Arrival estimation and Self-Calibration techniques using an array of Acoustic Vector Sensors

PhD Thesis Defence

Miao Sun

Modelling and analysis of atrial epicardial electrograms

PhD Thesis Defence

Tarik Kazaz

Multiband channel estimation for precise localization in wireless networks

Can we reach decimeter accuracy on wireless localization?

Seminar on Wide-bandgap semiconductor technology and industry

This seminar will highlight the state of the art of technology and industry of wide bandgap semiconductors (WBS), which are becoming the cornerstones of future power electronics, communication (5G and beyond) and optoelectronics.